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Our Story

Chapter 2

Next, we took time to source a traditional cooper that would make us the finest oak barrels. An amazing talented team designed and made a 2 and 5 litre barrel and stand for us from some of the finest European oak. They even toasted the barrel, bound it with steel bands and installed a tap and bung for us.  

Working with a local entrepreneur we developed a bespoke organic food-based sealer to slow down the ageing process. We have found that utilising the combination of the finest quality oak and this bespoke sealer helps the whisky inside slowly mature, increasing the quality, flavour and smoothness to make it truly irresistible.

These miniature barrels are etched and batched with the original barrel number, enabling the provenance to remain. If untouched, this whisky keeps ageing in years, flavour and value – Because age does matter.

Our Story

Chapter 1

As soon as a great whisky is bottled, it stops ageing. Always remaining the age it was when it was bottled. A group of friends who love quality whiskies wanted to change that.

Our journey began by sourcing amazing artisan distilleries, with fantastic whiskies, superb distillers and great names. Our first collaboration was with the Dà Mhìle distillery -“The first organic whisky of the modern era.” Est. 1992.  

This beautiful, small artisan distillery located in the stunning rolling hills of West Wales produces one of the finest whiskies we have tasted.

Our Story

Chapter 3

The perfect present for the discerning whisky drinker or the organic ever ageing investment – You decide. When we deliver your beautiful whisky, you become the distiller. Loved our whisky the first time around? We offer a refill service. If you send back the empty barrel in the original box, we will refill and re-etch the new barrel number. Our vision is to work with a number of small artisan distilleries to bring the customer a unique product in a unique way.